How everything works?

First of all, you create your own account and become one of the bees from our beehive community. Then, after your account is confirmed, you are ready to start posting things you want to sell.

TooBee is just a place of advertisement, the actual sale process does not happen here – for this you talk with your customer and deal how you will accept the purchase – online or face to face.

We always recommend face to face sales, as it is safer and faster. However, for safety reasons always remember to meet people in public places. For payment choose the trustable method so you would see the money instantly – we highly recommend vipps or cash.

However, if it is not possible to meet face-to-face, we highly recommend to choose secure payment method and not send valuable items without receiving money first. For one-time 100nok payment we can act as mediator where money stays with us until both sides confirms that they are happy with the deal they have made.